EWG-DSS 2016 International Conference on

Decision Support System Technology

Main Theme:
Decision Support Systems
Addressing Sustainability
& Societal Challenges

The ICDSST 2016 will be organized by the EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS) in co-operation with University of Plymouth, UK, during the period of 23-25 May 2016. The conference will be hosted by the Plymouth Graduate School of Management & Plymouth Business School, Faculty of Business.


Location: Plymouth University, Plymouth, United Kingdom (refer to Venue page for details)

Purpose of the ICDSST 2016 

The main purpose of the EWG-DSS 2016 International Conference on Decision Support System Technology (ICDSST 2016), with its main theme on “Decision Support Systems Addressing Sustainability & Societal Challenges”, is to attract researchers, developers and specialists in the related areas of decision making, including its methodologies and technologies, as well as application oriented practitioners directed to the implementation of solutions for societal challenges, to get together in order to exchange experiences and identify the key issues within the areas in focus, so that exploitation of new approaches and tools for future developments can take place.

Citizens in the current fast changing world are facing a great number of challenges, and decisions in relation to citizens’ activities either regarding business, commerce, work, and learning or recreation and social life, are getting more and more complex.

ICDSST 2016 Main Theme

This ICDSST 2016 will focus on the theme of how DSS can help address various sustainability & societal challenges (inspired by the EU Horizon 2020 programme) in order to build a better society for us and for future generations to live in. Addressing societal issues is a daily need for each one of us. The various developments within Decision Systems, including collaborative decision making with the use of social networks and web resources; dynamic spatial-temporal decision making; and the existing research behind the technical and social aspects of web-based decision processes can certainly be of great support for future developments for solving societal challenges.

ICDSST 2016 Specific topics of interest include (but not limited to):

  • DSS for health, demographic change and well-being
  • DSS for food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, and bio-economy
  • DSS for marine and maritime and inland water research
  • DSS for secure, clean and efficient energy
  • DSS for smart, green and integrated transport
  • DSS for sustainable construction and architecture
  • DSS for climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • DSS for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
  • DSS for secure societies – protecting freedom and security of the world and its citizens
  • DSS for business sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • DSS for lean operations, reverse logistics and sustainable supply chain management
  • DSS for green marketing management and new product/service development
  • DSS for human resource/leadership management and organisational ethics
  • DSS for socially responsible accounting, finance and banking management
  • DSS for economics sustainability and regional/ international development
  • Innovative decision making approaches/methods and technologies
  • Big Data analytics for solving societal decision making issues
  • Knowledge management and business intelligence
  • Decision making in modern education

All members of the EURO Working Groups related to Decision Making and Societal Problems, as well as all associates of collaborative International DSS Communities are invited to participate. We also encourage the participation of other related professionals, so that further collaboration can be promoted on a larger scale in the future.

The ICDSST 2016 promises to offer a pleasant conference environment for all participants, within the beautiful city of Plymouth in May.

The Organisation: EWG-DSS

EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems

Email: ewg-dss@fccdp.com

Homepage: http://ewgdss.wordpress.com/


The main aim of the  EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS) is to establish a platform for encouraging state-of-the-art high quality research and collaboration work within the DSS community. Other aims of the EWG-DSS are to:
Encourage the exchange of information among practitioners, end-users, and researchers in the area of Decision Systems; Stimulate networking among the DSS communities available and facilitate activities that are essential for the start-up of international cooperation research and projects; Facilitate professional academic and industrial opportunities for its members; Favour the development of innovative models, methods and tools in the field of Decision Support and related areas; And actively promote the interest on Decision Systems in the scientific community by organizing dedicated workshops, seminars, mini-conferences, conference streams in major conferences and our own dedicated ICDSST conference series, as well as editing special and contributed issues in relevant scientific journals.

The EWG-DSS has already established a recognized tradition is organizing high level conferences and workshops concerning themes of Decision Support Systems, their applications and development approaches. More details about all the organized events of the EWG-DSS can be found in the link: http://ewgdss.wordpress.com/workshops/ .

ICDSST 2016 – Organizing Committee

ICDSST 2016 Chairs: EWG-DSS Coordination Board

Prof. Dr. Shaofeng Liu University of Plymouth, UK,
E-Mail: shaofeng.liu@plymouth.ac.uk
Dr. Fatima C.C. Dargam
SimTech Simulation Technology & ILTC, Graz, Austria, E-mail: f.dargam@simtechnology.com
Prof. Dr. Pascale Zaraté
Toulouse University / IRIT, France,
E-Mail: zarate@irit.fr 
Prof. Dr. Rita Ribeiro
UNINOVA – CA3, Portugal,
E-Mail: rar@uninova.pt
Prof. Dr. Boris Delibasic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
E-Mail: delibasicboris@gmail.com
Dr. Isabelle Linden
University of Namur, Belgium,
E-Mail: isabelle.linden@unamur.be
Dr. Jason Papathanasiou
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece, E-Mail: jason.papathanasiou@gmail.com
 Dr. Jorge Hernandez
University of Liverpool, UK
E-Mail: J.E.Hernandez@liverpool.ac.uk


ICDSST 2016 Local Organizers:

Professor Shaofeng Liu (Local Chair)
University of Plymouth, UK
E-Mail: icdsst2016-secretariat@plymouth.ac.uk
Dr Festus Oderanti
University of Plymouth, UK
Associate Professor Lynne Butel
Deputy Head of School
Professor Phil Megicks
Head of Graduate School of Management
Mr Femi Oyemomi
University of Plymouth, UK,

Programme Committee:

The ICDSST 2016 PC will be composed of the EWG-DSS Coordination board members and long-term members of the EURO Working Group of Decision Support Systems EWG-DSS and Collaborators from existing International DSS Communities (refer to Programme Committee page for details)

Invited Speakers:

The ICDSST 2016 basically plans to invite well known academics and key players of the Decision Support Systems areas and senior Collaborators from International DSS Communities to give special talks during the conference (refer to Invited Speakers page for details).

Target Participants:

ICDSST 2016 welcome participants from a wide range of background around the world, including scholars, researchers, developers, specialists, practitioners and other professionals, as well as Masters and PhD students, who are interested in the  decision making and decision support related areas, such as DSS methodologies and technologies as well as application-oriented solutions.






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