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Institutional Sponsors

  Graduate School of Management, Faculty of Business, University of Plymouth, UK
Uni-ToulouseIRIT University of Toulouse, France
IRIT Institut de Research en Informatique de Toulouse, France
SimTech SimTech Simulation Technology, Austria
fon-logo-eng Faculty of Organisational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia
CA3 UNINOVA – CA3 – Computational Intelligence Research Group Portugal
 Uni-Namur University of Namur, Belgium
 Uni-Macedonia University of Macedonia, Department of Marketing and Operations Management Thessaloniki, Greece
Liverpool University Logo
University of  Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Industrial Sponsors

Springer_Logo Springer  
Lumina Logo pic Lumina Decision Systems
ExtendSim-logo ExtendSim Power Tools for Simulation
 ParamountDecisionLogo Paramount Decisions 
 1000Minds-logo-smaller-centred-block-with-tag 1000 Minds

Professional Society Sponsors



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