Professor Steve Goodhew

Professor Steve Goodhew looks after the Environmental Building Group (EBG) and is part of a team that run a unique High Performance Building  Masters course and three undergraduate degrees (Architectural Engineering, Building Surveying and Construction Management) at Plymouth University. The EBG in the form of building analysis and energy related work is currently responsible for £2M of funded research. Steve has authored a number of publications concerning sustainable construction, thermal imaging and buildings, natural building materials and in situ thermal measurements.  A new book is to be released in the Summer of 2016, published by Wiley Blackwell entitled Sustainable Construction Processes: A Resource Text. Steve gained most of his insights into these topics through a Masters in Energy and Buildings at Cranfield University and a PhD involving the in situ thermal measurement of building materials at Plymouth University.

Talk abstract:
Energy use and our built environment are intrinsically linked. As our buildings use approximately 40% of the energy consumed in most societies the need to apply the principles of sustainable construction to affect genuine energy efficacy is paramount. However the procurement of buildings is a complex and varied process linking many parties/stakeholders, and offers a very different situation to the production of many more uniform products. Buildings that are designed built and operated to be energy efficient reply on good decisions, taken at an early stage. Good decision making needs to take into account the various opinions and interests that follow from the client, the designer, the construction team and finally the manager/operator/occupant.

This presentation takes the audience through a number of the tools that are available to support good decision making to reduce energy consumption in buildings within the realm of sustainable construction. Some examples of situations when decisions can be finely balanced are discussed.